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What to Expect

I am a natural light photographer so of course that means I love to do photos outdoors! I also have a small in home studio set up for newborns, babies and children. Because I use natural light I set up in front of my large slider window in my home for optimal lighting. When you book a session you choose the location. We can go to a park, a beach, your backyard or anywhere you want! If you don't have a specific location in mind I have a few favorites of my own I can suggest. If children are involved in the photos be prepared to take a few little breaks to let them run around for a few minutes (this is great for those candid shots too!). I have two children of my own so I am very patient and good with children. Its important to me to keep my sessions very relaxed and fun.

Listed below are suggestions and ideas for items you can bring for your sessions depending on what kind of session you have booked. Also listed under newborns are suggestions for how dress and prepare your baby for photos.


Maternity Session

1. Black and White tank tops or tube tops

2. A pair of maternity jeans or your regular jeans (we can just leave them unbuttoned)

3. A flowy sundress

4. A pair of babies shoes

5. If you have letters on their nursury wall spelling their name, bring the letters! We can do some fun things with them

6. Have your spouse also bring a black and a white shirt

7. An ultrasound photo

8. Any special items you may want in a photograph



Preparing your newborn for photos-

The night before your session bathe your baby and lather him/her in a nice creamy lotion. Then relotion him/her in the morning before the appointment, this will help with flaky skin. Dress your baby in loose fitting clothing and leave the diaper loose as well to help keep away clothing lines and redness. You can certainly nurse your baby before coming for your session however your likely going to need to nurse him or her again once your here to calm baby down and help him/her get drowsy for photos. Be prepared to be patient, newborn photos take some time and there is a lot of time spent soothing and calming baby. If you can bring a supplemental bottle of formula or breastmilk in case its needed during the session.

Suggestions for items to bring with you to the session-

1. A special blanket you may want in a photograph

2. Any special items that may have been given to baby by loved ones that you may want in a photograph

3. A favorite outfit (unless you want just naked-babe photos, these are my favorite!)

4. Any hats or booties you many want me to use

5. If dad is a baseball fan bring his mit or if he is a firefighter bring his helmet (or anything else that pertains to his profession that could be used in photos)

(I have a large variety of newborn props including hats, cocoons, wraps, headbands/bows, baskets, buckets, blankets, furs, etc. So there isnt a need to bring props with you unless you have something special you would like to bring.)



1. Hats or headbands

2. Your childs wooden stool or chair

3. A few changes of outfits

4. A fun outfit (i.e. boys- dads shoes and a tie girls- moms high heels and necklaces)

5. A tutu

6. Baseball mit or other sport items

7. A dress up outfit

8. A favorite stuffed animal or toy

If your interested in doing a themed shoot or have a special idea in mind email me and we will put it together! These are just a few ideas, but bring whatever you want! Its always fun to make the session yours by including items that make you you!

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