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Meet Your Photographer

My name is Elizabeth Madsen and I'm a natural light photographer in the West Jordan, UT area. I am a mommy to three fun, busy little boys. Here is a little bit of information on me, how I got started and what I do!

I have always loved art in all its forms and was especially drawn to the art of photography. It was always something I wanted to do and I constantly put it on a backburner so I could finish other things. After highschool I got married to my wonderful husband and then went to beauty school. When I graduated I worked for a little while and then got pregnant with my first son. After having him I made the decision to be a stay at home mom. When he was about 18 months old I finally was able to purchase a professional camera. I started photographing my friends kids and taught myself little by little. It became a real passion for me right away. I loved the interaction with sweet little souls and enjoyed the ability to capture little (and sometimes big) moments on camera.

I once saw a photographer ask a group of photographers the simple question "Finish the sentence. Photography is....." I though about that for a while and I decided my sentence would read "Photography is priceless." The sweet simple photos you capture now will last you a lifetime.Being a Mother of two little boys I know that time goes way to quickly. I love capturing these precious times in your children's lives and in your life. You will have them to keep and cherish, to look back on one day when your children are grown, pass on to your grandchildren and so on.

My style of photography is very simple, natural and relaxed. I like to do candid shots or capture a moment of laughter. I prefer simple, uncluttered photos that showcase the subject. I love color, bold and bright but I also love to work with natural tones especially with newborns. I am very passionate about newborn photography. They are only brand new for a short while. I love having the privilege to meet and photograph babies in their first few days of life when they are still fresh from heaven. I work a lot with baskets, buckets, knitted hats and cocoons, faux wood floors and backdrops and anything cute we can fit a squishy little newborn into! I photograph a variety of subjects from a newborn just a few days old, to a busy little 3 year old, to a family of 5 or a couple celebrating their engagement. You can view some of my work in the galleries.

I would love the opportunity to meet you and your family and capture this time in your life!

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